Do we do it?

Startups. We love the idea of them, we wish we had the guts to do them, yet we hesitate. We come up with all the reasons not to: I have a good salary! they are too risky! but what if I fail? And yet, at the end of the day, as we come home from another day at the office, the idea persists. Just look at all those people who’ve done it — really done it! They’ve turned something simple into something real!

And so, day in and day out, we continue to dream our dream. Because ultimately, the draw of a startup is the same thing that draws engineers to build, software developers to write code, musicians to write songs. It’s the urge to create something from nothing. To turn an idea — no, your idea — into a real, honest-to-god business. A self-sustaining engine of growth, profitability, jobs, and freedom. Yes, that’s it — freedom. To be your own boss. Wait, I thought an entrepreneur’s boss was his customers? So we hesitate. Again.

Yet the idea of launching a startup is one that continues to gnaw at us. Do we do it? Or do we simply continue to dream?

The best time to start a startup is not tomorrow, not next week, and certainly not next year. The time is right now, at this very second.

Jason Baptiste